Workshop on Decentralized Co-creation Concepts using Blockchain for Wine Industry

Workshop on Decentralized Co-creation Concepts using Blockchain for Wine Industry


June 27, 2022 - June 29, 2022    
All Day


Mas Boronat
Carrer de Flandes, Salomó, Tarragonés, 43885, Tarragona

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Constitution of Vin-Q meeting


27 June 2022

18:00 Mixer Arrival and get acquainted

20:00 Dinner at Mas Boronat

28 June 2022

08:00 Opening Opening remarks and scheduling

08:15 Partners presentation General presentation, 10 min per partner

09:00 Sketch of VinQ project Vladimir Baulin (URV) Structure and goals

09:15 Digital valorization of wine quality Vladimir Baulin (URV) Critical parameters for digital footprint

09:30 Book of operations and IoT sensors for vineyards Joan Losa, Karles Martinoy (Click) Standardization of the register of operations in wine industry

09:45 Establishing ISO standards for wine industry Fiona Delaney (Origin Chain Networks) ISO 23257:2022 Reference Architecture and ISO DTR6277 Data Flow Model for DLT use cases

10:45 Blockchain architecture for wine industry Genevieve Leville (Agriledger) DLT solutions and blockchain design for wine industry

11:45 Funding opportunities Vladimir Baulin (URV) Collection of funding opportunities for the project

12:00 Travel to Avgvstvs Forum Visit to vineyard

13:00 Insight from wine producers Oriol Roca (Avgvstvs Forum) Feedback for DLT platform and design parameters from wine creators

14:00 Wine degustation and Lunch Avgvstvs Forum

15:00 Travel to Mas Boronat Return to the hotel

16:00 Foundation session for Co-creation community Fiona Delaney (Origin Chain Networks) Co-creation methods and knowledge tree

18:00 Mixer

19:00 Free time

20:00 Dinner at Mas Boronat

29 June 2022

08:00 Collection of new ideas

09:00 Selection of ideas

10:00 Brainstorming foundation session Fiona Delaney (Origin Chain Networks) Architecture of the co-creation community

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